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Horsetooth Rock
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Horsetooth Mountain Park

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Horsetooth Rock, in Horsetooth Mountain Park, is the most noteable land feature in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area. While I put this page together a couple years ago, during our local winter/spring hikes of 2004 or 2005, I never finished linking it to the site until now.

This picture of the Horsetooth was taken from the road along the east side of Horsetooth Reservior, with a zoom lens and a tripod to minmize any movement bluring.

Horsetooth Rock, as seen from the east side of Horsetooth Reservior

From the Horsetooth Mountain Park trailhead, the Horsetooth Rock hike is about 6 miles round trip, taking roughly 3 hours; however, the stiff 1,700 feet of elevation gain is probably what you'll remember most. The shot below was taken on a late afternoon hike coming up on the Wathen Trail (use the Horsetooth Mountain Park link above to find the park map with trail info).

Late afternoon view of Horsetooth Rock from the Wathen Trail in the horsetooth Mountain Park

From the top of Horsetooth Rock, on the north side of the tooth, this is the view looking east out over Horsetooth Reservior and Fort Collins.

View from Horsetooth Rock looking east out over Horsetooth Reservior and Fort Collins

Coming down from Horsetooth Rock back towards the trailhead, I managed to hide all the rural buildup outside the park in this shot of the long ridge running out from the south end of Horsetooth Reservior. In the distance, Boyd Lake is visble to the left, with Lake Loveland on the right.

This next shot, again with the zoom, was one Suzy pointed out to me on a hike up the Spring Creek Trail. Looking northwest from the service road in the northwest corner of the park, we could see Greyrock - a popular hiking destination with its trailhead in the Poudre Canyon. While Greyrock has a number of documented technical climbs, the long uphill approach with a full pack keeps the popularity low.

Shot of Greyrock from the Spring Creek Trail, in the Horsetooth Mountain Park